teaching statement

My teaching philosophy centers on delivering essential theoretical and applied marketing education in a manner that students can use to solve business problems, make managerial decisions, and better understand their own consumer behavior. I bring my personal and professional experiences from sales, merchandising, licensing, PR, marketing, retailing, consulting, entrepreneurship, social media, and brand management into the classroom to enrich learning opportunities for the students. In my courses, students work individually and in teams to immediately apply marketing knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world business and consumer problems in projects with small business owners and in case-based learning. By combining lecture, online and in-class discussions, student participation, guest speakers, in-class demonstrations, case studies, and team projects, my teaching style encourages active learning and engagement with the material. I also foster relationships with the local business community to provide students with practical experience and client management skills, such that they take away more than just marketing and psychology facts from my courses. I assess student achievement on their ability to apply knowledge gained from class and other external sources to identifying and developing thoughtful, innovative, practical consumer and business solutions.

teaching interests

My teaching interests include (but are not limited to) courses at all levels in marketing research, consumer behavior, marketing management, integrated marketing communications, services marketing, retailing, sales, marketing for sustainability, and entertainment marketing.

courses taught


  • Essentials of Marketing (Online) – Undergraduate, Summer 2015, 6.7 out of 7.0
  • Consumer Behavior – Undergraduate, Summer 2013, 6.8 out of 7.0
  • Marketing Research – Undergraduate, Summer 2012, 6.3 out of 7.0
  • Marketing Research – Undergraduate, Summer 2011, 6.3 out of 7.0
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 teaching assistant


  • Marketing Management – MBA, Spring 2015 (managed PharmaSim group project; grading)