overview of research

My research program examines the role of cultural belief systems (e.g., religion, environmental beliefs, health care culture, cultures of vulnerability, celebrity culture) in shaping consumer behavior and well-being. I conduct this multi-method research in important substantive domains such as health care, pro-environmental behavior, food and health, media, and vulnerable communities. Through my research, I aim to promote consumer, provider, societal, and environmental well-being via consumer confessions, food morality, health care interactions and policies, and retail configurations.

My co-authors and I have presented our research at top consumer, marketing, and service research conferences, including the Association for Consumer Research Conference, Society for Consumer Psychology Conference, Marketing & Public Policy Conference, American Marketing Association Summer Educators Conference, and QUIS Conference (International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management). Additionally, I currently have a forthcoming article at the Journal of Consumer Psychology (“The Effect of Religion on Consumer Behavior: A Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda,” Daniele Mathras, Adam B. Cohen, Naomi Mandel, and David Glen Mick). I also co-authored a paper published in 2014 in the Journal of Marketing Management (“Moralities in food and health research” with participants of the 2013 Transformative Consumer Research Conference Health & Nutrition Track, chaired by Søren Askegaard and Nailya Ordabayeva). Together with co-authors, I am currently preparing additional manuscripts for submission to the Journal of Consumer ResearchJournal of Marketing, and the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.